nowhere noverre

dance & video


"nowhere noverre" has very little in common with the eruptive body theatre so familiar from Chyle’s past performances. While more subdued in its expression and its form of movement, this dance production is of equal intensity.
Stuttgarter Zeitung

One of the most conservative and time-honoured dance languages is that of the classic ballet. Formalisations dating back to the seventeenth century have been handed down to us and continue to be practiced to this day. Any language – including that of the body – is conserved, handed down and passed on through repetition. nowhere noverre shows the traces of this language, deconstructs text, dance and music, brining their codes to the surface of the action.
In "nowhere noverre", Fabian Chyle plays with templates and quotes, originals and copies taken from classic dance. He develops these elements into a seemingly traditional and yet original language of music and dance.