dance video installation


In "ex.it ... or looping Adam and Eve", Fabian Chyle takes his work on devising a particular body and language to a new level. In "ex.it" man and woman shift and repetitively dissolve the borders of their own egos, both on an ego trip or a self-centered pycnoleptic, as they inhabit spaces somewhere between life as a single and life inside a cocoon.
The space is divided in a way that enables the audience to get a picture, and because of the narrow stages-which could have previously been one single room--they can only be opened from opposite sides. In this way, only one part of the story can be seen, and in order to see the other part, we have to change sides. The collective memories of Adam and Eve constantly fade, flow and pour into new bodies without borders that, in the face of their extensive self-centeredness, become abstract installations within the space.