Ich nicht Ich!



“Ich nicht Ich“ is an apt portrayal of the ambiguity in Handke’s text. This production is adamantly consequent in playing with norms and formatting—the term ‘cross over’ is much more than just an empty catchphrase.”
Neue Musik Zeitschrift

The dance/music theater piece Ich nicht Ich utilizes Peter Handke’s „Sprechstück“ (1965) as its field of association to choreograph the human body as torn between self-determination and determination by others. Fabian Chyle and stage designer Adrian Silvestri portray this text on top of a large platform with small entranceways and trapdoors while separating the room for maneuvering into a world above and below. While video projections (by Leonie Weber) tell stories of human normalization from the “underworld,” while the dancers on the upper portion of the stage make physical attempts to break out.