territorial imbalance

Danceperformance & exhibition


"Fabian Chyle finds expressive, clear, and sometimes disturbing images, which all contain secrets ..."
Stuttgarter Zeitung

territorial inbalance is a play in which territorial claims and the exercise of influence are subject to change: What is my space? Which rules govern it? How can I expand? How do the boundaries of my space defines themselves? Which other areas would I like to annex? Is there a place for me at all? What do I think about the rules of others? Which mechanisms are set into motion whenever the own sphere has been infringed upon? Whom do I want to attack? At what point would I be defeated?

In territorial inbalance, the protagonists are constantly sounding their own freedom and their own leeway. In balancing this interlinking power structure—in the play of appropriation and loss—the differences between individual want and need crystallise.